Yes we can! Our team has the ability to 3D model the ideas you’re envisioning in order to be 3D printed in any size you need.

We can 3D print directly from an .AMF or a .STL file. We’ll check the validity of the model and provide you with a quote in 1 hour.

If you have your model in any other CAD format we may be able to convert it.

To 3D print with us, you have the following standard specifications.

  • Maximum dimensions [XYZ]: 1200mm x 1200mm x 700mm
  • Minimum / maximum layer height: 0.1mm – 0.4mm
  • Minimum / maximum wall width: 0.4mm – 1.0 mm
  • Materials: PLA Black or PLA White

For custom applications we provide special 3D printing specifications. If this is your case, drop us a message to discuss your project needs

There are no dumb questions. Drop us a message and our team will schedule a meeting with you.