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Large format parts

You have the freedom to design parts as large as you desire. Build unique and strong parts.

Attention to detail

Get parts with smooth surfaces, we keep the smallest details and less post-processing is required.

Accelerate Prototyping

Get your parts in just a few days or even hours. Iterate your design faster and build better products.


Be a case study

Do you believe your project is enabled by large format 3D printing? We would love to help you archieving it!

Our Work Process


From an idea to a 3D model we help you shaping your project. Do have already a 3D model? Let's do it!


Sliced in thousands of layers, software generates the precise instructions for our machines to build your large format parts with high fidelity.


Your part is ready and packed to be delivered as fast as possible. Your feedback is important to us, be sure to evaluate us.


Discover how to build large format parts

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