Collaborative 3D printer for multi-material and large parts

We provide a solution for large format and multi-material 3D printing on just a fraction of the time, featuring an innovative modular approach of collaborative and parallel fabrication.

Large part size
Fine part detail
Multiple materials
Faster fabrication time

A schematic comparison with other types of 3D printers.

Using our collaborative printheads the fabrication time can be reduced to a fraction on the nr. of printheads. Our software optimizes the number of printheads for each part.

Process Planning

A simple powerfull 3-step process planning. We do the complex job, you just have to 3d print your ideas as easily as ever.

1. Load

Add the parts to print.

Manage settings.

2. Generation

Algorithm chooses the best number of printheads.

Tool-paths are generated simultaneouly without collisions.

3. Fabrication

Collaborative fabrication with realtime monitoring.

Multiple jobs can run in parallel.


PT109710 – Modular Additive Manufacturing System, submited in Oct/2016. Read more